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Hungry Jack Lodge is one of the oldest fishing resorts on northern Minnesota’s Gunflint Trail and offers a variety of fishing experiences during both summer and winter ice fishing seasons. Hungry Jack Lake is 463 acres in size with a maximum depth of 71′. Hungry Jack Lake is a MN DNR Smallmouth Bass managed trophy lake. As a result, guests of our MN family fishing resort will generally catch smallmouth bass that are larger than what is normally caught in similar Gunflint Trail lakes. Walleye and Northern Pike are also plentiful at our MN fishing resort and the sizes of fish being caught have been getting larger in recent years.

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Being adjacent to the BWCA guests at Hungry Jack Lodge also have the opportunity to fish the mid Gunflint Trail lakes inside the BWCA very easily. By renting a canoe and taking two very short portages you will be in the BWCA and some of the best fishing lakes in Minnesota.

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2015 Minnesota Fishing Season

  • Opening date for Walleye, Northern Pike and Lake Trout –  May 9th
  • Opening date for Largemouth Bass – May 24th

Please visit the State of Minnesota DNR for more information on fishing regulations…

The following quotations were taken from the 2001 & 2002 Minnesota DNR lake survey for Hungry Jack lake:

“Hungry Jack Lake has good numbers of walleye with many age classes present. Average size of walleye collected in 2001 was excellent.”

“The 2001 survey showed a good percentage of bass over 14 inches.”

“Rainbow smelt and yellow perch occur in fairly high numbers and provide good forage for larger predators like walleye, lake trout, and northern pike.”

“There are good numbers of bluegill in Hungry Jack Lake”

“A good bluegill population is unusual for lakes in this area.”

Below are excepts from the 2002 Minnesota DNR lake survey for Hungry Jack Lake:

“Smallmouth bass abundance appeared to have been about average for a lake of this type; however, the average size of the fish collected in 2002 was above average.”

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